About Us

Among the largest ' Vertically Integrated ' pharmaceutical companies in India, DSL has robust product portfolio spread over major product areas.

D S Group Concern , known for its contributions towards the wellbeing of cancer affected population and in Education , Research , Healthcare , Agro is now spreading its endeavour to manufacturing and marketing of the art of pharmaceuticals formulations.

D.S. Laboratories , is on the threshold of curving out of its own place in the minds of the healthcare providers , viz. Doctors , Paramedics ,Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals trade.

We are manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products, catering of diverse therapeutics segments, viz:

  • Antibiotics and Antibacterial ( including oral   injectable cephalosporins, Quinolones, Macrolides )

  • Gastro Intestinal

  • Vitamins   Minerals

  • Haemostatics

  • NSAIDs

  • Anti Spasmodic

With the WHO – GMP certification of our manufacturing facilities, we stand for quality, that is so crucial in the healthcare management.

Medical Science is an evolutionary science – what is the trend today , is likely to be obsolete tomorrow . Upgradation of scientific knowledge and adopting user friendly technology is the cornerstone of success in this challenging field.

D.S. Laboratories is a strong believer of that and ready to put its foot forward towards the “ Assent for Health Care “ with Quality, Reliability and Dependability.